Hold on

Nov 2020, Watercolour on paper, 41,7 x 59 cm

10% will be donated to Associação Coração Amarelo to contribute to their commitment in the fight against social isolation and loneliness.


“Aguentar”, ou resistir, sem suportar! Ser independente e estar sempre perto de quem nos reconhece nessa forma de resistir. E então, aguentar como uma expressão do tempo não cronometrado que nos faz estar aqui para o Outro.

“Withstand”, or resist, without enduring! Being independent and always close to those who recognize us in this way of resisting. And then, to endure as an expression of untimed time that makes us here for the Other.

João Silvério

Lisboa, Portugal


Title: “Hold on”

Date: Nov 2020

Measures: 41,7 x 59 cm

Location: @artist’s studio

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Price: 200€

Price includes taxes and shipping. Ships in a cardboard tube.