“La Nostalgie du Paradis” On-site Temporary Installation. Paper, ocean water, atmospheric water, watercolor. Portugal’s West Coast. March 2021.

In “Mythes, Rêves et Mystères” by Mircea Eliade, “La Nostalgie du Paradis” refers to the tendency and desire to return to the connection between sky and earth, present in several myths and rituals from different cultures and cults: in illo tempore, sky and earth were linked, until an event separated them. In rituals, the shaman, with modalities varying depending on each culture, recreates this connection.
In this installation, I wanted to create a work that would function as a shaman, by uniting the elements: the sheet of paper unites the texture of the stones, on which it was modeled after being immersed in the water of the ocean, and on which it leans, to the reflection of the sky. The two superimposed textures were painted in watercolors, by using water from local atmosphere.
I also felt the need to record the moment and the place with a video montage: a piece that, after all, lives with its own life, in which I kind of wanted to record this moment of passage from everyday time to the time of the perception of the sacred, where sound, creates an invisible thread, a continuity with my previous work.